Under the about section, you can find more information about myself and my writing. This section is all about the site.

I purchased the domain in May 2009 through Dreamhost. Sadly due to real life issues, including work, computer problems and so on, the domain hasn't really been worked on until September 2010 I had attempted to work on it but it never really got off of the ground. To make it easier when it came to archiving my fiction, I decided to span it across to websites: Ghostly Images and Faded Dreaming.

Around the same time that I came up with Faded Dreaming, I came up with the name Ghostly Images as a fic journal that I could use to post at Faded Dreaming on Livejournal. The domain came sometime after that. I had originally housed my fics on two seperate archives, which worked for a while. But after some time, I decided that I just wanted to have on archive that housed everything to make it easier on me.

As of September 2010, my archive will be housed on two different domains: Fadeddreaming.com and Ghostly-Images.com. The only reason why I am doing this is for organizational purposes due to the sheer amount of fic that I have posted. The way that the site appears won't be that different on either domain. There may be a few minor differences but overall the content on both domains will essentially be the same. The one exception is the fic. It'll be accessed from both domains, however certain fandoms will be on one domain and other fandoms on the other.

I use Dreamweaver and Photoshop when designing my websites.

Previous Incarnations:

Version 1: September 2010

Since i decided to merge two websites into one, I felt that it was time for a new header for Faded Dreaming and as a result, I decided on one that would be on both sites.


page last updated 8 September 2010