Title: A Different Light

Fandom: Glee

Pairing/Characters: Finn Hudson, Tina Cohen-Chang (implied Rachel/Finn)

Rating: FR13

Disclaimer: Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy and company.

Notes: Set during the Second Season but doesn't contain any real spoilers for the series.

Summary: Tina starts to see Finn in a different light when they start to study together.

Word Count: 390


He had always been someone else's, so Tina had never really looked at Finn Hudson. She had seen him but it had always been as Quinn's boyfriend and then later as Rachel's boyfriend. Yet after her break up with Mike and then Finn's plea that she helps him with some of his classes, Tina starts to see him differently. The first thing that Tina notices about Finn is that he actually has a sense of humor underneath the surface. The more she gets to know him, the more Tina starts to despise the way that Quinn and then Rachel have treated him. Tina understands that Quinn and Rachel are both very strong willed but it seems to her that Finn is buried beneath the weight of their personalities and when she's with him alone, his personality begins to show.

Tina's not sure when she starts to develop feelings for him. She knows that it's sometime during one of their study sessions in the library after school. Yet it all comes to the surface when they're at Glee. Rachel is prattling on about how they need to do a certain song because it'll showcase her true talents when Tina looks over at Finn and they both roll their eyes at Rachel's dramatics. Two days later and Tina kisses Finn. She leans forward in her chair and just kisses him.

It's simple as far as kisses go, just their lips brushing against one another. When they pull apart, his expression warms her heart because Finn looks like he enjoyed their kiss. He leans forward and places a large hand on the back of her neck and pulls her closer so that he can kiss her again and Tina feels like everything has just clicked into place.

They don't talk about those kisses but two weeks later, everyone in Glee knows about how Rachel and Finn broke up. None of them know the particulars but Rachel's subdued and Finn blows off two weeks of study sessions with Tina. Just when she's about to give up on him, he shows up in the library with a red Gerbera daisy that he hands to her. It's a start of something and it makes Tina smile when she takes the flower. Finn sits down next to he with an answering smile as they start their session.



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