Glee Fanfiction: This section of the archive houses the random pieces that I've written for the Glee fandom.. If you would like to provide me with feedback on any of the stories listed here, please do so at aaronlisa (at) fadeddreaming (dot) com.

The Truth Hurts ~ FR13; Rachel Berry, Noah Puckerman, Santana Lopez, implied Rachel/Finn; reaction fic to episode 2x08 "Furt." Rachel finds out the truth about Finn and Santana. (631 words)

Still Wanting ~ FR13; Rachel Berry, Jesse St. James (implied Rachel/Finn, implied Rachel/Jesse); set post Season One but not overly Season Two compliant; Jesse confronts Rachel just before Regionals. (534 words)

Apologies ~ FR13; Jesse St. James, Shelby Corcoran; set post Season One but not overly Season Two compliant; Jesse and Shelby both show up to watch Rachel during Sectionals. (279 words)

Apologies Never Spoken ~ FR13; Jesse St James, Rachel Berry (implied Rachel/Jesse); set after Season One but not overly Season Two compliant; Jesse likes to fantasize about all the ways he'll apologize to Rachel. (500 words)

Love's Deceitful Lessons ~ FR13; Jesse St James/Rachel Berry; set just after Season One; He played the part that he had been assigned. (351 words)

I'm Watching You All ~ FR13; Jesse St James/Rachel Berry; set during Season One; Just after Regionals, Rachel pays Jesse a visit. (655 words)

In the Audience ~ FR13; Jesse St. James/Rachel Berry, implied Finn Hudson/Rachel Berry; Set after Season One; There's a determination about her that was missing last year. (614 words)

Ghosts of the Past ~ FR13; Finn Hudson, Tina Cohen-Chang; future!fic however there's no spoilers past Season One; Finn runs into Tina years after Glee club. (806 words)

So This is Goodbye ~ FR13; Rachel Berry/Jesse St. James; just a short piece set after Regionals during "Journey;" They have to say goodbye. (359 words)

Falling In and Out ~ FR13; Finn Hudson, Tina Cohen-Chang (implied Finn/Rachel, Tina/Artie, Finn/Tina); set sometime after Season One but not Season Two compliant; Tina and Finn start hanging out together during summer vacation. (1540 words)

Pink & Black Stockings ~ FR13; Rachel Berry/Jesse St James; future!fic set sometime after Rachel's graduation from high school (no spoilers past Season One); He wants to know this new Rachel Berry who wears pink and plack stipped stockings instead of horribly tacky sweaters. (849 words)

Motherhood ~ FR13; Shelby Corcoran; set just after Season One's finale; Shelby thinks about motherhood. (239 words)

In the Crowd ~ FR13; Rachel Berry/Jesse St James; Set post Season One with some speculation for Season Two; Rachel sees Jesse again. (295 words)

To Comfort Her ~ FR13; Rachel Berry, Noah Puckerman (implied Rachel/Jesse); set after the "egg incident" in 1x21 "FunK"; It's Puck who finds Rachel after Jesse's and Vocal Adrenaline's attack on her. (220 words)

See You For Who You Are ~ FR13; Tina Cohen-Chang, Finn Hudson (implied Finn/Tina): set during the First Season; Tina sees a side of him that Finn doesn't show to anyone at school. (541 words)

One Last Time ~ FRM: Rachel Berry/Jesse St. James; future!fic set after Season One but no spoilers for Season Two: After failing to find success in the big city, both Rachel and Jesse have returned to Ohio where they become coaches of New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline and they run into one another. (867 words)

A Different Light ~ FR13; Tina Cohen-Chang, Finn Hudson; set during the second seaosn but doesn't contain any real spoilers for the season; Tina starts to see Finn in a different light when they start to study together. (390 words)


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