Title: One Last Time

Betas: snogged & powerof3

Fandom: Glee

Pairing/Characters: Rachel Berry/Jesse St. James

Rating: FRM

Disclaimer: Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy and Fox.

Prompts: Written for the glee_kink_meme at LJ for the following prompt: After failing to achieve their dreams of making it big in New York they both return to Ohio (separately). Jesse becomes the coach of Vocal Adrenaline and Rachel becomes the coach of New Directions. They bump into each other at a competition and have angry hate sex back stage.

Notes: Set after Season One.

Word Count: 867


One moment she's in the auditorium watching this year's Vocal Adrenaline performing their number for Regionals and then the next she's back stage looking for him. The minute the glee club had started performing, Rachel had recognized the routine as the one that he had come up with when he was in the process of betraying her and New Directions. It doesn't matter to her that the whole routine had been something he had come up with in the first place. What matters is that he must have somehow known that she had taken over the coaching position of New Directions.

The minute she finds him standing in the wings, Rachel launches into a diatribe about how mediocre he is and how much of a failure he has become. However before she can get too far into her speech, Jesse St James has dragged her further backstage. One minute she's standing in front of him with her hands on her hips and the next he's spins her around, his fingers biting into the soft skin of her hips and all thoughts of betrayal, failure and mediocrity have fled.

Rachel gasps as Jesse flips up her skirt, her hands scrabbling for purchase against the shelving that he has her pressed up against. She knows that she can stop him with one word, but she doesn't want to, even when she hears the quiet rasp of his zipper sliding down. When he pushes her panties aside and thrusts into her without preamble, Rachel shudders. She knows that this is beyond wrong but she doesn't really care.

When he leans forward against her and bites her ear, Rachel thrusts back up against him. She can barely make sense of his words that fall against her neck; she's too lost in the sensation of him.

“If you hadn't been so absorbed in the sanctity of your team, we could have made it,” Jesse accuses.

Rachel doesn't answer him and instead she loses herself in the insane intensity of the sex. Despite her clear ignorance, Jesse continues his verbal attack.

“I waited for you in New York; I figured that once you got over your foolish pride,” Jesse harshly says, “You would have realized that you belong to me. But instead you reduced us to being glee coaches.”

She gasps as his fingers tighten on her hips and she knows that tomorrow she'll have a set of bruises to remember him by.

“Why did you have to always choose them over me?” Jesse grinds out, each word accentuated with a thrust.

Rachel's body tightens around him and they both reach their climax together. Jesse collapses against her, pressing her against the sharp edges of the shelving, as they both struggle to catch their breath.

“I…” Jesse starts to speak again, his voice softer this time, but Rachel doesn't want to hear the end of that sentence. Instead she thrusts upwards one more time, pushing him off of her. She quickly straightens her clothing before she turns around to face him. His earlier words might not have immediately registered but she had heard them, and now she's angry, even more so than when she had first sought him out.

She jabs her finger at his chest and smirks as he winces.

“How dare you turn this around and blame me for your failures. And as if I would have had anything to do with you after you betrayed me. My refusal to work with you or even talk to you in New York had nothing to do with New Directions. It had everything to do with you Jesse St James.”

Rachel pushes past him to go find her kids when he stops her again.

“We were just kids,” Jesse tries to explain. “What did you expect me to do?”

“Clearly I expected too much from you,” Rachel tells him, “Do you want to know why Vocal Adrenaline isn't going to win this competition?”

Jesse doesn't answer her; instead he simply glares at her.

“They're not going to win because you stink of mediocrity now. The only thing that made you look good was Shelby and you don't have half of her talent or her drive. You're nothing without her, and clearly you failed in New York because you didn't have Shelby or someone like her continually propping you up.”

She knows exactly what he's going to be thinking now and the fact that it'll keep him awake tonight and probably several more nights is what curves her lips upwards in a sweet smile. Rachel didn't make it because despite her drive and her talent, she just wasn't cut out for it. It took her awhile to accept that and looking at Jesse, she knows that he's never really accepted the fact that he's failed.

Before he can respond, Rachel is walking away, her stiletto heels making a sharp staccato on the floor as he watches her walk away for the last time. In that moment, with the heavy weight of his eyes on her back, Rachel doesn't really care if New Directions wins tonight or not. All that matters is that she's laid to rest a ghost that's haunted her for so long.



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