Title: The Truth Hurts

Fandom: Glee

Pairing/Characters: Rachel Berry, Noah Puckerman, Santana Lopez (implied Rachel/Finn)

Rating: FR13

Disclaimer: Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy and company.

Notes: This was a reaction piece to the events in episode 2x08 “Furt.” Also written for day 24 for mini_nanowrimo where I signed up to write 250 words a day in the month of November.

Summary: Rachel finds out the truth about Finn and Santana.

Word Count: 631


The discovery that Finn had lied to her is devastating, especially when Rachel had told him the truth about her and Jesse. She had thought that she had something special with Finn but now as she reels from Santana's malicious smile and revelation, Rachel's not too sure. Santana laughs as Rachel stumbles out of the bathroom and her ears ring with the sound of it. Her first instinct is to find Finn and accuse him but she decides against that. Right now, Rachel just wants to believe that Santana is lying to her out of spite because the cheerleader hates her.

Rachel turns away from where she knows Finn will be and heads towards the shop wing. Her second thought is to find Noah and since she had made a point of learning everyone's schedule, she knows that he has a metal working class. She sinks to the floor in the hallway and waits for his class to be let out.

“Noah!” Rachel exclaims when he walks out of the classroom.

She processes his annoyed expression but she still throws her arms around his neck. His arms wrap loosely around her waist and Rachel loses herself in his familiar scent. She bites her lip but doesn't manage to stifle her sob. Puck says something to his classmates before he manages to guide her into an empty classroom and Rachel starts to pour her heart out to him.

“Oh Noah, Finn lied to me. He told me that he hadn't slept with Santana but he lied. What am I going to do? It was supposed to be so special, our first time together, and he's gone and ruined it. Santana told me everything.”

Puck runs a hand over his Mohawk as he looks at her. She looks up at him with tears in her eyes as she waits for him to tell her what she's supposed to do with this mess.

“Come on, Rach, its Santana. She hates you.”

“I know but I don't think she was lying. I mean if I ask Finn and she's lying then what does she have to gain from that?”

“Nothing,” Puck admits. “But have you asked him?”

Rachel shakes her head. “I just can't, Noah, what if she's not lying?”

“Do you love him?” Puck asks.


“Then you'll make it work.”


Puck interrupts her. “No buts, you're Rachel Berry and you'll make it work. Don't let Santana win. And even if Finn had sex with her, your first time with him is going to be special for the both of you.”

Rachel looks up at him doubtfully and Puck squeezes her hand.

“Look it's gonna be special for you, if not you tell me and I'll kick Hudson's ass for you,” Puck tells her.

She manages to laugh at his words and Puck hugs her again. He sits down on one of the chairs and she sits on his lap, content in his arms as he tells her that Santana's not worth it and that no matter what it'll work out in the end. Rachel doesn't think about what it might be costing Puck. It's not selfishness on her part Rachel just doesn't think that Puck cares for her as anything more than a sort of friend.

When she's finished crying, Puck still holds her and for a brief moment, she wishes that things could have been different between them that they hadn't broken up because she doesn't feel this safe when she's with Finn. Still she pulls herself away and she gives him a shaky smile. Puck returns her smile and she's glad that she went to him first instead of running to Finn.

“Just remember Rachel, if he doesn't make it special, I'll teach him a lesson.”

Rachel laughs. “Thanks Noah.”



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