Title: Motherhood

Fandom: Glee

Pairing/Characters: Shelby Corcoran, with mentions of Rachel and Beth

Rating: FR13

Disclaimer: Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy and company.

Prompts: prompt_100 beginnings

Notes: Set just after Season One's finale.

Word Count: 239


Shelby knows that she's carelessly broke her first daughter's heart because she couldn't deal with the fact that Rachel was practically grown up and in a few years wouldn't need her as a mother like she seems to need her right now. She knows that walking away from Rachel was cruel and she can't help but wonder if she's really cut out for motherhood.

After all what type of woman would do the things that she did to get close to her daughter only to reject her because her child wasn't what she expected (or wanted) her to be? Shelby had never once thought that Rachel might be just like her. Or that by walking away from her, she was doing the same thing to Rachel that her own mother had done to her.

Yet as she cradles baby Beth in her arms, Shelby things that perhaps she's gotten her second chance, her new beginning and that's all that matters. She's burned her bridges when it comes to Rachel, broken her daughter's heart to the point where she doubts Rachel would even let her back in. Beth gives her a chance to start over, to become the woman, the mother, that Rachel needed her to be.

It's not much but it is a start and this time Shelby's going to do her best by her daughter. To be honest, she's going to do her best by both her daughters.


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