Title: Voiceless

Fandom: LJ Smith The Secret Circle

Pairing/Characters: Cassie Blake, Black John

Rating: FR13

Disclaimer: The Secret Circle belongs to LJ Smith and company.

Prompts: Originally written for 30_deathfics for prompt #B33 (father).

Notes: Set during the last book.

Summary: The final encounter with Black John goes differently.

Word Count: 159


As she stares at the man who is somehow her father, even though it should be impossible, Cassie's mouth goes dry. Her tongue seems to swell with her fear and she is unable to say the words that will save her life. The words are echoing in her head but her voice is lost as the terror consumes her.

Faye looks at her expectantly with one elegantly arched eyebrow and Cassie knows that everyone is depending on her but she can't force the words out that will defeat the monster, her father, once and for all. His sardonic chuckle fills her ears and it goes unspoken that her failed defiance will be punished.

Cassie's eyes fill with futile tears as her voice finally returns to her too late to do anything and she watches as Black John takes the silver dagger in his hand and plunges it into Faye's heart. Everything is over and Cassie collapses to her knees.



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