The Secret CIrcle Fanfiction: This section of the archive houses the random pieces that I've written for The Secret Circle fandom, both book-verse and tv-verse.. If you would like to provide me with feedback on any of the stories listed here, please do so at aaronlisa (at) fadeddreaming (dot) com.

Voiceless - book-verse - FR13, Cassie Blake, Black John, set during the last book; The final encounter with Black John goes differently. (159 words)

Beginning/Ending - tv-verse - FR13, Faye-centric; Faye/Jake, Melissa/Nick, Diana/Adam; set pre-Season One. Faye breaks up with Jake. yet again. (1114 words).

Predator & Prey - tv-verse - FR13, Jake Armstrong, Cassie Blake, set after events in 1x07. Jake knows that he can't see her as anything more than an enemy. (238 words.)

Doubt - tv-verse- FR13, Cassie Blake, companion piece to Predator & Prey. Cassie doesn't know who to trustt anymore. (369 words.)

Just for Tonight - tv-verse- FR13, Faye/Jake, set after 1x13. Faye's motivations for sleeping with Jake. (206 words)

The Truth has Merely Become Half-Truth - tv-verse - FR13, Cassie Blake. Set just after Cassie arrives in Chance Harbor. She's not really sure what is true or not anymore. (534 words.)

Questions of Truth - tv-verse - FR13, Jake Armstrong, Cassie Blake, set during 1x09, what if Cassie had run away with Jake? (187 words)

Painful - tv-verse - FR13, Cassie Blake with mentions of Jake and Adam. Set after 1x18. Cassie just wants the pain to stop.(361 words)

No Time for Regrets - tv-verse- FR13, Jake Armstrong. Set mid-Season One. There are things that he regrets and others that he doesn't. Sometimes they're the same things. (406 words.)



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